I am a licensed psychotherapist with a heart for helping people manage anxiety and depression, process trauma, and reestablish their personal autonomy and strengths.

Psychological trauma impacts all areas of a person’s life: relationships, career, mental functioning, self-care and other activities of daily living. A traumatic experience can come in many guises, from early childhood neglect or abuse; to health, career and relationship upheavals; to sexual trauma.

I have a passion for helping people who have a history of trauma and feel stuck in trying to overcome the negative impact of these experiences in their lives. I have found that talk therapy alone is not always effective in trauma treatment. This is what inspired me to get certified in trauma treatment and become an EMDR certified therapist. 

I enjoy working with folks from all backgrounds and cultures, with a particular focus on people of color. We are so resourceful, yet we can get derailed by cultural and racial issues, relationship challenges, life transitions like career changes and divorce, health and midlife problems. When these parts of our lives change, we experience a shift in our sense of self, the roles we play, the masks we wear. How we manage these shifts in our lives determines how we can regain our confidence and balance, and move forward with new meaning and purpose.

I feel drawn to immigrants and other minorities who may not identify with the larger culture or fit into society’s categories, and are struggling with issues concerning identity, belonging, self-worth, and cultural expectations. I’ve been fortunate to work as a trauma therapist with refugees in Clarkston, GA, for almost a decade now, supporting individuals and families to move into a new future while leaving their traumatic pasts behind.

As an immigrant myself, I understand how hard it is to reach out to someone for help; I acknowledge the courage, trust, and personal investment it takes to engage in this process. My role in facilitating this process as a therapist is an honor and a privilege that I do not take lightly.

 If you are looking for ways to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-doubt, contact me for a free 15-minute consult.

You can find out more about me, my therapy style/training, ask questions, and share what your goals for therapy are.  Use the form below or email me at nkihato@uzima.us. Or call me at 678-582-8425.


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